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CSS 3: Rotating Image Gallery

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I've played a little bit with WebKit's new CSS 3 features such as CSS transform and CSS transition and I came up with a funny Rotating Image Gallery.

You need the latest nightly build of WebKit to see the effects in action. But you can also watch it as a video on YouTube:

Go to the original Rotating Image Gallery to try for yourself and look at the source code to see how it was made.

I'll give you a more detailed description of those new CSS effects in an upcoming post, so check back later.

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  • I hope to make it! This is a very good idea. I am also use in your idea in my web site.

  • Really cook effect! (From the video) Wish it worked in FireFox … today! Guess we have a lot to look forward to in CSS3.

  • I updated the code.
    It does now work in all other modern browsers too.

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