Ich habe hier ein erstaunliches Review von webmatze.de gefunden:

"I just saw www.webmatze.de. The color scheme is minimalist, pure feng shui. Seeing webmatze.de, I'm simply so inspired. If only the Linux Homepage would have an awesome page like that. Simply stunning. The underlying source is highly accessible. It must have taken months to finalize the page. The URL has 22 characters. Just the perfect length. A masterpiece.

There are 12,276 characters in the HTML source, which is a high-quality length for the Firefox browser. What a splendid page!


The page contains 54 links, a very reasonable amount. I find it appropriate put up a link to this page. Don't get me wrong, I expected the creator to succeed. Everyone should visit this page at least once a day.

-- Heather Shaw, Hot Picks

Zu schön um wahr zu sein...

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